Twilight Book VS Movie – Review​

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are a pair of star-crossed lovers whose forbidden relationship ripens against the backdrop of small-town suspicion and a mysterious coven of vampires.


I’m going to admit something that might make you question my ability to judge books and movies… I’ve seen the Twilight movies more times then I can count. I don’t just mean back when I was 12, but even now at 21 years of age, I still watch them a few times a year. Now I know that there really not that great, but there’s just something completely addicting about them that I can’t escape from. Anyway, I recently reread Twilight for the first time in 10 years, and yes I know this is super late (10 years late), but I’m going to review the book vs movie.


Bella and Edward:

In the book, Bella is quite dreary, a little moody, distant, and awkward (basically she’s a teenage girl). Bella in the movie is also pretty much the same, however, in the book, Bella just seems to have a little bit more life. She makes really bad jokes sometimes, is sometimes rude to her dad (unnecessary), and she also seems a lot more passionate. Which brings me to Edward, who’s also a lot more alive (ha ha) in the book.

I think part of this is due to the movie script, they definitely lean towards a darker teen romance, so they have more serious and moody characters. It seems to be what they think teenagers act like 24/7. I also think its partly due to the director, as well as Kristen Stewart’s acting, which isn’t terrible but is definitely not the best.


The Atmosphere:

As established above, the movie’s a bit darker compared to the book. The script, lighting, editing, cinematography, and acting create a moodier and more dangerous vibe. Which I actually really like, the cinema world is saturated with light and funny romance movies, so having something with a bit more edge is nice, even if it’s completely terrible at times.


The Romance:

I think these are pretty similar in both media forms. I do feel a slightly deeper connection between Bella and Edward in the book. But I also feel a more intense passion between them in the movie.

Both the book and the movie aren’t amazing. There are some issues, from cringey moments, and that doesn’t seem healthy moments, to wtf is that moments. But I think I’m going to have to say that the movie is better. I’m not a huge contemporary book person, but I enjoy the movie versions a lot more. Personally I also just enjoy Twilight more when I can get it over and done with in only a couple of hours. That way,  I don’t overthink it too much.

Do you prefer the Twilight book or movie?

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