A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn – Rant Review

Jack was just trying to find the beach, he never expected to magically wake up a sleeping princess and get stuck with her.

a kiss in time

I don’t even know where to begin. I guess we’ll start with the premise. A Kiss in Time is a modern sleeping beauty retelling. It’s an interesting premise with a promised funny twist that seems like it’s going to be a great time. However, A Kiss in Time’s only successful joke is how terrible it is.

This novel is 85% dialogue, with a few scattered descriptions or character thoughts thrown in. But, this kind of makes sense when you realise that the characters don’t have enough of a personality to have many thoughts. Each character is given two traits and that’s all they ever get. There never fleshed out to be anything other than those two traits. This leaves you unable to take any of the characters seriously, even the villain feels ridiculous with their zero motivation and a total of one emotion. As for the rest of the book, the story felt a bit disjointed, as if the author was just throwing random scenes into the novel. I will admit that it was extremely easy to read (probably because it was mostly dialogue.)

Lastly, I have to point out the pressure that the character Travis put on the main character to commit sexual assault right in the beginning of the novel. It didn’t seem to me like the author put in to make a point or create a villain. From what I understand this scene was supposed to be ‘funny’, surprisingly I didn’t find this scene funny at all (very strange). If the author was trying to make a point (I highly doubt it) then they didn’t try very hard. Travis was never reprimanded but continued to be a ‘funny’ and constant feature in the novel. I will include excerpts from the book below so you can form your own opinion. But with everything I’ve discussed during this post, I definitely would not recommend this book.

“She’s asleep. You could…” Travis looks at the door. “…do anything.
“That’s sick.”
“You know you were thinking about it.”
“No I wasn’t. That would be wrong.”
“Right and wrong’s getting kind of fuzzy for me.”

“Come on, I dare you to touch her.”

“Not her hair, dorko. She can’t even feel her hair.”
“She can’t feel anything. She’s asleep like the rest of them.”
“So why not touch an important part?”

You can buy A Kiss in Time here, but I wouldn’t.


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  1. Bailey says:

    Oh I remember A Kiss In Time from early middle school, not one of Alex Flinn’s better works. I didn’t recall that scene with Travis at first but, yikes. Not something you’d want to see anywhere, much less in a YA book. A very apt review!

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