Reckless by Cornelia Funke – Rant Review

Jacob has been escaping into another world since he was a child. Everything in his alternate world is great until his younger brother Will follows him in and soon has a timer on his life as he knows it.


Reckless could have been a really great book. It had an interesting premise and a mystical world. However, this possible 5 star read ended up being an undeveloped mess.

The biggest problem with this book is that nothing is fleshed out. The story begins and everything feels off straight away. We get thrown into this book with no world or character set up. The book almost seems like a sequel, acting like we already know all the details.

The characters get no real introduction and yet we’re supposed to care about them and their relationships. This is pivotal because there are heavy parts of this book that rely on character relationships. The author wants us to feel and cry, but we really don’t know enough to even care in the slightest. The world building was the same, we rarely get any information on the world except for when it’s absolutely necessary. This leaves the magical world feeling quite dull and unexciting.

In the end, I couldn’t wait for this book to be over. All of these early on problems just left me feeling, well, nothing. I think the big problem lies with this book being rushed, instead of anyone taking the time to fully round out the details of the novel.

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