Mortal Engines Book VS Movie – Review

In a world where humans live on machine worlds, everything is falling apart. People are running out of supplies and a deadly war is brewing.

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It’s not very often that this happens, but, The Mortal Engines movie was WAY better than the book. Let’s take it back a bit. The Mortal Engines movie adaption isn’t going to go into my favourite movies of all time list. However, I left the cinema feeling impressed with what they had created. The acting was good, the cinematography and special effects were really nice, and the film really brought the story alive. It was a little long, but overall, it was a super enjoyable and fun experience.

So, after watching the film I decided to pick up the book. Which I now know, was a big mistake. I would best describe the book as flat. The plot was pretty fast moving but the story still seemed to drag. The characters were weak and pretty annoying. I loved Tom in the movie, but in the book, he was exceedingly annoying. In fact, half the characters seemed to missing half of their personalities.

The movie made a few changes, which created a more cliché ending, but considering how the movie enhanced the story, I’ll overlook that. Other than that, the stories and events were pretty similar. But the book just left me feeling excruciatingly bored, while the movie left me thoroughly entertained.

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