Jackaby by William Ritter – Review

Abigail Rook is looking for an adventure, she didn’t expect to find one involving murders, paranormal creatures, and a highly strange detective, but it’ll do.


A murder mystery with a paranormal twist and a Sherlock Holmes type character, I just couldn’t say no. The biggest draw this book features was definitely the characters. I instantly fell for the quirky characters, and their relationships with each other just makes you love them even more.

I have to admit that the mystery element wasn’t phenomenal. It isn’t going to blow you away or have you on the edge of your seat. These books are more light hearted fun than chilling thrillers. After the first book, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure how I felt, but I was instantly reaching for the second book. Because, while they’re not amazing, they’re definitely hard to put down.

In the end, this book was just something that you read to have a good time. Something you pick up to relax and forget about things. Also, their highly addictive so I will definitely be finishing the series.

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