Everyday Movie Review

Sixteen-year-old Rhiannon falls in love with A, a mysterious spirit who inhabits a different body every day.


Everyday explores the theme of love without bounds. The notion that what you love is someone’s soul and not their appearance or gender. It’s a beautiful and very relevant theme that is great for YA. But despite this beautiful message, the plot is almost nonexistent.

I haven’t read the book so I can only comment on the movie, and for me, the movie was a waste of my time. The story had a strong beginning, no climax, and a disappointing ending. If your looking for answers or any driven motivation, then this movie isn’t for you. It starts out as a love story and then kind of just ends. I kept waiting for act 2, the crisis point, but it never appeared. The ending wasn’t cliché, but it was also very unsatisfactory. We don’t explore what A is, and the characters just seem to give up without any effort.

This was a beautiful message and love story but it feels something missing, something like the rest of the plot. There was nothing to keep the audience’s attention and the characters seemed to just accept their fate without even trying. It was a nice movie but I think that overall the writing was a little lazy and lacked effort.


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