Should You Read the Dorothy Must Die Series? – Review

Dorothy saved Oz, she was their hero and protector. But then she came back and now Oz’s saviour is their destroyer.


I absolutely loved the first book in the Dorothy Must Die series. It was an original retelling with an unusual and dark twist. So after I finished that, I was more than excited for the second book, which, unfortunately, was a boring let down.

The last three books in this series (so majority of the series) felt very stretched. Majority of the significant plot points happened in the first book and the rest is kind of a mess. The books seem to be grasping for ideas. I personally think that this should have been a duology, but at least a trilogy. The last three books had very little interesting or important plots and the last book’s big plot reveal kind of came out of nowhere.

But I did still read all four books, while they weren’t as good as the first one I still found them enjoyable (and they were really short books). The characters were interesting and so was the world. OZ was filled with unusual things and magical people and the world building was quite rich.

So if you like darkish and unique retellings with fun characters, then I would recommend this series, just don’t look too closely at the plot.

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