The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen – Rant Review

The kingdom is falling and war is coming. The country needs a king, so Connor will make one. Now four orphans must compete for the thrown and their lives.

false prince

When I first read the synopsis of this novel I got a strong picture in my mind of how the plot would go, I was very wrong. Maybe that’s partially my fault, but the way the story did go left me bitterly disappointed. The entire book was about the characters competing to become the prince, but it wasn’t in a cool fun way. No, it was by taking classes and learning how to read, (like seriously I don’t care about your history lessons). As well as the character’s just arguing about how they should be the prince. Oh I’m smarter, but I can fight better, but I’m better looking (like I actually don’t care). This went on for the entire novel, the whole thing just felt like a cycle of washing. Around and around we go, lessons, arguing, and the main character (Sage) doing something reckless that actually makes him look good. Overall it’s about 350 pages, but I’m still trying to figure out how.

The ending did pick up a little bit and it got slightly more interesting. But it kind of fails when the big twist ending was extremely obvious. There wasn’t a single part of me that was surprised, and don’t get me started on the characters. Sage was as cliché as it comes, he’s such a rebel, but he’s also a good guy, and he’s also extremely smart and skilled (so original). Then Connor was just basic, his motives were basic, his traits were basic, I know you’ve all seen this character a million times before. Then there are the other characters who aren’t even worth mentioning because there as interesting as a brick wall.

Romance? I put a question mark because I’m still not sure if it was a romance or not. Sure it’s good that it wasn’t instalovey or anything, but the character’s feelings weren’t super clear. If it was a romance, then it was incredibly dry, dull, and emotionless, like the rest of this book. At the end of the day, I just don’t care. This book made me feel nothing but painful agony as I waited for it to end.

Please remember that these are just my personal opinions, thank you!

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