Scythe by Neal Shusterman – Review

The world is perfect, there is no disease, no war, and death has been conquered. But the world cannot survive immortality, people must die, and someone must do it.


Scythe by Neal Shusterman is one of the most fascinating worlds I have ever encountered. No one can die naturally or accidentally meaning, that it is the job of the Scythes to ‘glean’ (kill). But even a perfect world cannot stay perfect forever.

Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, I didn’t get time to devote myself to this book as much I would have liked. But the story was constantly developing in a way that kept me on my toes. I’m not too sure where we’re headed, but I’m more than excited to find out. From the characters, the plot, the world, its all a world wind of excited confusion.

This is probably the shortest review I’ve ever written, but what do I say? It unique, it’s captivating, its twisted in a way that almost seems normal. There’s nothing more I wish to say without spoilers so, I’m super excited for the next book and what it will bring.

You can purchase Scythe with free shipping by clicking here.


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