How To Hang A Witch by Adriana Mather – Review

Samantha’s life is spiraling, first, her dad has an accident and get’s in a mysterious coma and now she’s moved to a town where everyone hates her for her last name. And when people start to die, the blame starts to fall on her.


Adriana Mather’s debut novel features witches, ghosts, magic, mystery, and a little bit of history, all wrapped up in one glorious novel. We get to explore the mysterious town of Salem and relive the terror of the witch trials with this fascinating story. From the get-go, Sam is thrown into disaster with creepy happenings and a town that hates her. Leaving us with a fast-paced mystery that never stops you guessing.

While I’m not a history nerd, learning something new in a book is never a bad thing. Especially when it comes from an author who has a family relation to that particular event. Adriana Mather is related to Cotton Mather, who is particularly famous due to his involvement in The Salem Witch Trials. It was extremely interesting to learn a little bit about both about him as well as The Salem Witch Trials.

This book was filled with fascinating supernatural elements that I can’t wait to explore in the next novel. Overall, How to Hang a Witch, was an intense supernatural mystery that had you loving every minute, and always kept you wanting more.

You can purchase How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather with free shipping by clicking here.



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