Social Misfits by Kelli Nicole – Review

C.J. and Presley have always been best friends. But what do you do when your best friend is in love with you, and you don’t feel the same? You try to make him fall in love with someone else, but life isn’t that simple and C.J. is about to learn what happens when you try to mess with peoples lives.


Social Misfits is Kelli Nicole’s debut novel all about friendship and sacrifice. We have a large cast of characters who have stereotypical trait’s, but in this case, that’s for the better. We follow these characters as they learn how to be better people to the others around them, while simultaneously making so many mistakes. All of the characters are greatly flawed, which is a nice change from the perfect main character’s that we get in some YA novels. And while they were sometimes frustrating, it meant that we got to really see the changes they made.

There were some issues with the changing of P.O.V, the characters often changed within a sentence, and it sometimes made it difficult to realise who was thinking what. But my biggest issue with this book was the way in which it felt like we were being told everything. Instead of more subtle emotions and thoughts, the characters thoughts were very obviously stated. Which made it feel like we weren’t feeling with the characters, but being told a story. It made it harder to connect to the characters, and made it seem more like we were watching instead of coming along for the journey.

There were also some pacing issues with the character’s relationships and I would like to have seen a slower relationship build between characters. But overall this was a story about making mistakes, being a good friend, and growing up. And it was a nice to have a more realistic look at characters and teenage life.


You can click here to purchase Social Misfits by Kelli Nicole.



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