Before I Let Go by Marieke Nijkamp- Review

Kyra is waiting for her best friend Corey to finally return to her. But before Corey can visit, she gets the call that her best friend for life is dead. And now she’s back in the place she used to call home, but everyone wants this outsider gone, and Corey is going to find out why.



No offense but, small towns are creepy. Okay, maybe that’s just a media stereotype, but small towns still give me violent chills. And the town of Lost Creek was no different. The entire town gave off an ominous and intensely disturbing vibe. Everywhere Corey turns we are hit in the face with unbelievably weird encounters, and we all know that everyone in this ‘nice’ town is hiding something.

I read a few other reviews on this book and a few people mentioned the complete lack of character development. Is it true? Yea pretty much. Corey doesn’t really change much throughout this novel, and while that’s a crucial part of any story, I’m just going to let it slide this time. Becuase despite some technical issues, I REALLY enjoyed this book.

It was a thought-provoking mystery that had a constant layer of creepy. It was completely weird and absolutely unnerving, and I loved it. The truth is that sometimes you love a book despite its issues, simply because of the story and how it made you feel. So while I understand some negative reviews, I still gave it five stars because it made it hard for me to put down while simultaneously making me slightly uncomfortable. Overall Before I Let go was your typical spine-chilling small town mystery that kept me constantly guessing.
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