Should You Read The Sookie Stackhouse Series?

In 2001, the first of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series was published. Since then it has inspired a hit TV show and managed to be popular enough to publish thirteen books. Now it may have taken me a few years, but I have finally completed the entire Sookie Stackhouse series! And I’m here to tell you if you should too.


These novels are pretty similar to every paranormal romance book you’ve ever read. Except for the fact that they’re a little bit more mature and the world is staggeringly large. I mean there are supernatural creatures at every corner. Leaving you open to explore many unique and never before seen supernatural beings, not just vampires. Charlaine Harris definitely has a large imagination and isn’t afraid to use it.

Look I won’t lie, these books are a little weird, but you get used to it. Weird becomes the new normal and you’ll probably find other novels a little tamer, compared to the unusual lives of the supernaturals. But that’s just all apart of its charm, right? They’re also a little repetitive, the basic plot is the same for each novel. But that’s what makes the Sookie Stackhouse novels such a light and entertaining read. These aren’t thought-provoking books that will forever sit in your heart. Their guilty pleasure reads that you will give you a good time. The writings not overly amazing, the story isn’t super unique. But their fun and addicting and sometimes that’s all a book need’s to be.


You can purchase the Sookie Stackhouse series with free shipping by clicking here.



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