My December Wrap Up – 2017


Welcome to 2018 and this late December wrap up. Let’s not linger on past years and instead get 2017 done and dusted.


1. Everless by Sara Hollan (Book 1 in an untitled series)
3/5 Stars


In the kingdom of Sempera, the time within your blood is currency. The rich live forever, but the poor scrape to survive. Now to save her father, Jules Ember must return to the palace that she and her father fled fearfully from. But there is something dark brewing within the walls and within herself.

Overall I found this novel to be underwhelming. For such an interesting plot and world this book really lacked in anything amazing. I also found the romance unbelievable and basically nonexistent. You can read my full thoughts on the book by clicking here.


2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
5/5 Stars


Cath’s life revolves around Simon Snow, fan fiction, and her twin sister Wren. But college is about to tear her life apart and Cath’s not sure that she can adapt without her world crumbling.

This was a reread and also the number one book of 2017 for me, so obviously I loved it. I feel like I’ve already gushed immensely about this book and your probably all sick of hearing about it, so I’ll shut up, for now.



3. Little Monsters by Kara Thomas
5/5 Stars


Kacey has finally found a home, she has parents, siblings, a job, and two best friends she does everything with. But what starts with a harmless séance, ends with one of her friends missing and Kacey learning that she can’t trust anyone.

What can I say, I really just wanted to reread some of my favourite books. This is another book that I have raved about in way too many posts, sorry but I love it! You can read my full thoughts on this novel by clicking here (if you’re not already sick of hearing about it).



  1. Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris (Book 12 in the Sookie Stackhouse series)

3/5 Stars


Sookie Stackhouse is just a normal waitress in a small town, well except for the fact that she can read minds. Is now she’s dating a vampire, and people are dying all around her, totally normal.

Yes, you read that correctly, book number 12. I mean that’s a lot of books for a series but I am so close to finishing it. I won’t lie to you, these books are all kind of similar. I guess in the way that superhero movies are all literally the same movie over and over again, but you still love them. These books are just really fun easy short reads, and that’s all I really have to say about it.


What did you read in December? Let me know!


You can purchase all books mentioned above by clicking here.



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