A Monster Calls Book VS Movie – Review

At 12:07 the monster appears, it isn’t the monster that Connor expects but it still wants something from him. Something terribly painful, the truth. Adding one more thing to the list of problems that Connor has to face.

a monster

From the award-winning acting, special effects, cinematography and story, A Monster Calls was an all-around masterpiece. It’s an emotional coming of age story that deals with illness, death, and family drama, all from the perspective of thirteen-year-old, Connor. And unlike a lot of book to film adaptations, it didn’t try to be something else.

It stuck heavily to the story and true emotion of the novel by Patrick Ness. With only one minor plot point being left out, which still didn’t take away from the striking story. Which brings me to the book which thoroughly exceeded my expectations. This short read was a devastatingly emotion tale that kept its claws stuck in your brain the entire time.

In my opinion, the only way the movie failed against the book, was the emotion. While the movie still packed a heavy punch of feelings. You just can’t compare to the deep inside point of view that you get when reading straight from the main character’s mind. Every page of the novel, A Monster Calls seeps in raw and ravage feeling that you just can’t reach on screen.

I know this is a short review but at the end of the day I don’t have anything else to say, there’s really no critics or problems. It is a stunning movie and a book adaption that compliments the book instead of overshadowing it.

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