Everless by Sara Holland – Rant Review

In the kingdom of Sempera, the time within your blood is currency. The rich live forever, but the poor scrape to survive. Now to save her father, Jules Ember must return to the palace that she and her father fled fearfully from. But there is something dark brewing within the walls and within herself.


The Everless world follows a similar concept to the movie, In Time. Except instead of dystopian, it follows a fantasy based setting. We have palaces, alchemists, a sorceress and mysterious magic. Creating an overall fascinating world that I would have loved too deeply dive into. Unfortunately, I feel that what we saw of the world barely scraped the surface. Even the time currency wasn’t properly looked into, in my opinion. I really would have loved to see a more complex look and what the world we were in, instead of brief descriptions.

I don’t even know if I can say that this book contains a romance. Considering it was there at the end but hardly touched on during the book. The two characters who were I suppose ‘in love’, hardly spoke or interacted throughout the whole novel. And yet, it was suddenly a thing at the end. This left no emotional impact in an extremely important scene that relied upon emotion heavily. In fact, I find myself feeling very little towards this book. It’s not terrible but I find myself reading through the pages with no attachment to anything in the story.

The plot itself was interesting and we had some built up mystery. And while the ending was surprising it was mostly a letdown. We rushed through one of the most exciting parts of the book and got next to nothing out of it. Overall I found most of this book average. From the characters to the layout of the story, nothing really stood out to me as overly spectacular. I really needed something to truly draw me into the story, but unfortunately, there wasn’t anything. I also feel that we could have been given a longer book so that we could fully settle into the story. Instead, everything moved a little fast for my liking, leaving me nothing to fully attach myself to.

You can purchase Everless by Sara Holland on the 27/12/2017



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