Charcoal Tears by Jane Washington – Review

Seraph Black’s life is anything but safe, she lives in a violent home, works at a sleazy club and spends her life protecting her brother. But Seraph’s life changes when two new people come into her life, and two old ones become something she never expected. With secrets being kept, powers forming, and someone hunting her down, is her life about to get better, or worse?


The more I read of Charcoal Tears by Jane Washington, the more I couldn’t put it down. The Seraph Black story is above anything else, addicting. It glues itself to your hand and mesmerises your brain with something a little unusual and completely endearing. When I first started this book I thought that I knew exactly what was coming. Oh, boy was I wrong. And at this point (the second novel), I still have no idea where we’re headed.

As much as I adored this book I still had some problems with the overall story structure. I found some scenes were rushed, leaving me a little confused and underwhelmed. It was action, action, action, and no time to think in between. I also found that some parts were a little odd as if they didn’t completely mould perfectly into place. Although, I believe this was Jane Washington’s second book, and since then she has written a tremendous amount more. So I’m sure these little problems have grown better with her writing.

I won’t lie and say that this book doesn’t have an underlying cliché essence. But it takes you in a completely different direction than you expect. And while the basis is a little cliché everything else is underlined with mystery and originality that just has you a little confused and completely enthralled.

At the beginning you’ll think I’ve read this before, in the middle you’ll have no idea what’s going on, and at the end, you’ll be screaming for more.


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