All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis – Rant Review

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All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis, is the first book in the brand new Word$ series. It follows teenager Speth who lives in a world where everything is copyrighted. The moment you turn 15 you must start paying the right holders for every word and action you ever say or do. But as her last day speech approaches Speth’s world is turned upside down, and instead of speaking she takes a vow of silence and everything changes.


The world and premise of this book is insanely interesting. I mean sure it’s a bit extreme but are we really that far from this? It’s easy to see how a world where we are now, where the government is fighting us for copyrighted goods, can end up with this decision. And so yes this book was extremely intriguing because learning about the world was so frustratingly fascinating. But unfortunately, that was only for the first quarter of the book.

It turns out having a silent main character is kind of boring, or maybe I just really didn’t like Speth. I found her to be kind of infuriating and while the silent thing was great, she was I found her pretty useless throughout the entire book. In fact, I felt like Speth really didn’t give a s*it about anyone, or how her actions affected them. I mean I know that was kind of the point but there’s a particular part towards the end that was just ridiculous, I really can’t say anymore, because spoilers (duh).

I’m also not sure what the point was of the entire middle section of this novel. Everything we did felt really pointless and just times wasting. It didn’t have anything to with the overall plot and was seriously boring. Also, did I mention I really don’t like Speth, like I just can’t, I don’t even know why? The main plot of this book really only took place in the first and last part, and everything else tended to move extremely slowly.

Overall I found the majority of this book pretty pointless. And it was such an incredible shame, with such an interesting and unique world it would have been amazing to see something better. I will not be continuing on with this series, but the world that Gregory has created is exceptionally well done.

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