The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas – Review

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After ten years of being away from her hometown, Tessa has returned. She’s determined to put everything behind her, the murders, the trials, the lies. But it’s happened again, and Tessa can’t help but think that the man they put away, might be innocent.


After being blown away by Little Monsters by Kara Thomas, I just HAD to pick up another one of her books. I don’t want to sit here and compare it to Little Monsters but it’s hard not to. Both books follow massive and intricate mysteries, filled with lots of twists and turns that Kara Thomas seems to be an expert at. But in saying that, these books are very different from each other.

Once again, Kara Thomas has you falling from the edge of your seat with wonder. Something that I loved about The Darkest Corners was the fact that we had so many mysteries happening at the same time. There were so many questions throughout this entire novel and we didn’t get any answers until the very end, leaving you fascinated throughout.

Despite the vast amount of mystery within this novel I did find it a lot slower paced than Little Monsters. I found myself getting a little bored towards the middle of the story and the first solved mystery not as exciting as the second. But in saying that there was a lot we had to work through to solve not one but two big mysteries and the subtle clues do take time.

Despite that, The Darkest Corners was still a journey of mystery and awe. And the ending will have you sitting with your mouth open wide. This thriller, while slower paced, was still completely clever and dark as any good thriller is.

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