My Spooky October TBR – 2017


It’s nearly October, so you know what that means! Is it time to stress over university before you die? No (yes), It means it’s Halloween! I’m not normally into this whole reading themed books for holidays thing. But I thought I’d get in the spooky spirit and give it a shot. So here’s my spooky themed October TBR!

Authors note: Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do monthly TBR’s!


1. Final Girls by Riley Sager



10 years ago Quincy went on vacation with five friends and became the only survivor of a now-famous massacre. She suddenly found herself a member of the famous final girls. But now one of them is dead and the others on her doorstep, but who can she trust?
I did start this book a couple month’s ago but I wasn’t in the mood. But now the suspense has built and I’m ready to dive into this horror/thriller and be taken on a crazy murder ride.




2. The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton





He has left her, but they are meant to be. She will go to any lengths to have him back. Because she is the perfect girlfriend.
I don’t read many adult psychological thrillers, even though I love them. So I’m super excited to give this book ago and give this genre a chance! (This book is being released on the 8th of March 2018)




3. The Devil You Know by Trish Doller



A road trip with her friends is exactly what Arcadia has been craving. It starts out as a fun and sexy journey which soon turns into something dark and dangerous.
This is a short book which I hope we leave me sitting on the edge of my seat!





4. Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend



Nevermoor follows Morrigan Crow who has been cursed simply for being born on the wrong day. On her eleventh birthday Morrigan is doomed to die, but miraculously she finds herself in a magical world full of danger, adventure, and enchantment. Morrigan must survive the challenges of this world or she’ll be sent back home to die.
Mostly I want to read this before it gets released (31st of October), but it definitely has a spooky vibe to it. I’m excited to dive into this magical, dark, and interesting world this October.



That completes my spooky October TBR! What are some books you’re hoping to get to this October? Let me know down below!

You can purchase all the books mentioned above with free shipping by clicking here.



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