Fallen Movie VS Book – Review

So after three years of messing around without any information, the Fallen movie was finally released, kind of, only if you live in certain countries. Anyway, last year I finally had the chance to watch the Fallen movie. After years of mess around I had lost all excitement and my expectations were at an all time low.

Now in case you’re sitting there wondering what the hell Fallen is, I will explain. Fallen is the hugely popular 2009 book by Lauren Kate. It follows 17-year-old Lucinda as her parents ship her off to Swords & Cross a boarding school for teenage delinquents. It’s there she meets a strange group of teenagers that seem to be hiding something. And the handsome Daniel who she swears she’s met before.

Fallen was a book I read very early on in my reading journey. I was in high school and Fallen seemed like the best book in the world. Now Fallen has its critics and I see why, but even after re-reading the book last year I still really love it. So how did the movie compare to one of my favourite reads?

I was surprised by how well they followed the book. Clearly, there were some details missing out but the large plot points of the story were followed fairly well. There were a few scenes I would have preferred they had left in or hadn’t changed but there was nothing too dire that I can complain about. I did feel as though we were being rushed, the story moved quickly but it wasn’t completely terrible until we reached the ending. The pace of the story suddenly sped up x3 and we moved through the last quarter of the book in about 5 minutes. This caused the reveals of mysterious that had been building up to feel childish and unimportant. There was no time for any emotion and it was as if they were just trying to finish it up as fast as possible.

There were no obvious actor faults and I think they all played their characters well. But there’s the obvious stir with who they cast based on looks. Personally, I wish they’d chosen someone else for Cameron but I can look past his appearance. As I said, the actors were fine and they did well with what they were given, which is the problem. At the end of the day, it comes down to writing. You can look past low budget CGI, costumes and sets if the story is written well. Although it did follow the book successfully it was just, well for lack of a better word, meh. Nothing stood out, the romance lacked spark, the friendships were dull and the emotions were minuscule. Fallen was a movie you can watch and enjoy but it will leave you with nothing, no attachment, and no emotions to remember.

If you’re a fan of the book I recommend giving it a watch. It won’t be the same but I’ve definitely seen worse movies and adaptions. You can still enjoy it and have fun watching the Fallen world come to life, but just don’t go in with high expectations.


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