Blood Loss By Raimy-Rose – Short Story


Blood soaks my skin as I awake on the stained white sheets, a lifeless body lying stiffly next to me. I stifle a scream as I pull my eyes from the body. My eyes dart around the room as a tear slips down my cheek, washing a small line of muck from my skin. The once light blue walls are now painted with splashes of red. My gaze travels back to the body of the boy, his dull eyes wide and his mouth slightly stuck open. I look over his pale blonde hair, grey eyes, his straight nose and small lips making my mind shriek in resemblance.
I sit up slowly, my head spinning in confusion. I feel no pain, no open wounds on my body, not even a scratch to cause me discomfort. I swing my legs over the bed, my black boots hitting the carpeted floor with silence. The room with its simple white furniture and blue walls doesn’t strike me with any emotion. I rub my forehead, smudging the blood from my fingers as I try to think.
Something horrible has happened, well obviously, someone was dead and I was in a room painted with blood. I glance back at the body, I know that I know him. I feel a small tug in my mind, telling me I should feel sad, but when I look down, I feel nothing. How could I feel something when I don’t even remember this person?
I take a step and reach my dirty fingers out for the door handle, which seemed to perfectly clean compared to the rest of the room. The door slightly ajar, I pull it the rest of the way, revealing the contents of a long hallway. I freeze, my chest rising and falling heavily as I stare down at the body in front of me. My legs wobble beneath me, I try to avert my gaze but I can’t stop staring at the disheveled brown haired girl. Her eyelids were shut, her body pale and a large wound ripped through her open stomach. I fall to my knees, as I reach out to brush my fingers delicately on her cold skin. My hands shake as my finger slip through my dead body. I jump back, my legs trembling beneath me as I distance myself from her. From me.
I feel a slight anger when I look at the body, my body, ripped into disgusting shreds. I feel distant as If this girl who no longer lives has ripped something from me. Stolen my life and thrown it away. I stand and make my way down the stairs to my right, ignoring the feeling of death that hangs around my mind.
I take a step my shoes dipping into a drop of blood. I stop as a searing pain cracks through my skull. I dig my nails into the wooden banister as the pain cracks through my head. A scream rips from my throat as I dig my hand into my hair. The stairway spins, the light fading in and out. I squeeze my eyes tightly, willing the pain to stop.
It stops.
I let out a sigh of relief as the pain fades away. I flex my hand on the banister, but it’s gone. I open my eyes and look at my hand. I’m back in the hallway near the room I’d just left. The door open wide, the walls clean of any blood, the body gone.
A floor board creaks to my left, I spin on my heel and turn as a knife slashes across my stomach. I let out a pain filled scream as I stare up at the blonde haired boy, who’s no longer dead. Blood on his hands and a smile spread on his face.
“Bet you didn’t see that coming, you bitch,” he snarls.
I lift my hand towards him, I don’t know why I don’t even think I’m doing it. I see the twinkle of silver just before it plunges into his chest. He staggers backwards towards the room, trying to move away as his blood pours from his chest. I fall to my knees, my eyes never leave him as he falls down, his body going limp.
“Bet you didn’t see that coming,” I say.
My hand clutches my stomach as I fall to the floor and die.
I suck in a gulp of air as I clutch onto the banister. I don’t look back as I bolt down the stairs, I reach the bottom and fling myself against the wall. My breaths come out sharp, I just died. He killed me, I’m dead. It suddenly seemed official, as if my dead body wasn’t enough. I placed my hand over my chest, feeling the rapid thumping of my heart. I take a step, my foot sinking into liquid. I groan as I glance up. My eyes take in the room and the two bodies lying messily on the floor.
A boy and a girl, their bodies only a small distance apart. His hand still slightly outstretched towards the door and her bright red hair mixing with the blood around her. The boy faces the ground but her mouth sits parted open with a silent scream. A soft breeze hits my face, coming from the slightly ajar door. My mind flickers with pain as a series of distorted images rushing through my mind. The outside of a large white house, a quick jab of silver and the falling of bodies.
I clutch my head as I walk quickly through the open room. Trying to escape this pain that fills my head with strange imageries. I make my way through a small archway that leads into the modern kitchen. This room holds less blood, but more mess. The counter top contents strewn all over the floor. My eyes dart over the messy floor just as I hear a soft moan. My head jerks up, my eyes trained on the joined dining room. I hear a loud thump and my heart skips a beat. Is someone alive? Or maybe their dead like me. My mind races as I take a silent step. Adrenaline pumps through my body, my hands trembling as I walk towards the noise.
I approach a girl, her hand pressed tightly on her bleeding stomach, smaller scratches, and stabs covering her body. Her face is pale, her large lips fading in colour and her bleached blonde hair matching her skin. I kneel beside her, but she doesn’t see me. She’s trying to stand but her body is weak and shaking. I tilt my head to the side as I examine her face. She’s going to die.
I furrow my brows, for some reason seeing her hits me with emotion, not sadness or pain but anger. Pure rage. The pain rips through my skull but I don’t have time to scream before it comes to a stop.
I crouch outside the white house, hiding in the perfectly cut garden. The light flickers as they move about inside, laughter wafting from the house. I tense my fist, my heart pumping against my rib cage furiously. I steady my breathing, calming my shaking body. Once I had done this, it was small and easy. It wasn’t planned but my emotions took hold. Since then the need filled me, the want. That irritating itch I just couldn’t scratch. I was risking a lot, but a part of me knew if I died tonight, it would be worth it. Worth all the watching and waiting, worth seeing these teenage stereotypes call themselves human beings.
I watched the blonde boy walk up the stairs and I stood. I made my way towards the door and rapped my gloved knuckles against it. The door swung open, the boy with the brown hair and eyes smiling at me. All my planning and I couldn’t even remember their names, the names that others whispered as they walked past as if they were gods they worshiped. But it didn’t matter, they wouldn’t need them anymore.
“Hey, we thought you wouldn’t show up, what’s with the outfit?”
I glanced down at my dark outfit and shrugged, too excited to form words. I took a few steps, not even bothering to close the door properly as I took my concealed knife and stabbed it into his chest. He let out a grunt of pain as he started to fall. The girl behind him started to turn but not before I reached her, slicing the beautiful silver against her pale throat.
I saw it all, reliving every moment as I killed them. Chasing her through the kitchen thinking she was dead. Watching the boy die before I soon followed. And as I came back to the kitchen, kneeling in front of the girl. I felt as if everything once again made sense.
I stroked her hair as her body started to give up. And as the life drained from her eyes and her body went limp, I smiled.


Photo By: Unknown


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