Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi – Rant Review


Tahereh Mafi’s 2013 book Unravel Me is the second book in her popular Shatter Me trilogy. Because of the fact that this book is a sequel, I can’t give you a summary without spoiling the first book. But if you would like to read my review of Shatter Me you can click here. So originally I wasn’t going to write this review. I thought, what could I have to say that I didn’t already say in the first review? Well, it turns out that I have a lot to say.

Unravel Me took everything I didn’t like about Shatter Me and multiplied it into a longer more painfully slow story. As I mentioned in my last review Tahereh Mafi’s writing style is beautifully metaphoric to the point that it becomes overwhelmingly painful. But it wasn’t worse than the first and although I was still skipping large paragraphs of nothing, I could deal. But everything else has me asking myself how I managed to finish this book.

450 pages, that’s how long this book is. And I wonder to myself how I could read that many pages of nothing. I was excited to see where this book would lead after the ending of Shatter Me. But it went nowhere. We stayed in the same place, we had very little action, very little plot development and very little of anything. This entire book was filled with Juliette’s excruciatingly painful ramblings about how much everyone hates her, how much she hates herself, how much she wants to touch Adam every time she looks at him and how she can’t decide who to love. With each page, the plot gets slower and Juliette gets more insufferable.

I feel like I’m being too harsh. But it’s hard considering these are 100% my honest feelings. And since I’m giving you my honest opinions, I have one word to describe this book, cliché. The love triangles are cliché, the plot is cliché, the boys are a cliché, Juliette herself is an utter cliché. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good trashy cliché novel. But it’s like this book is a cliché wrapped in cliché dipped in cliché and sprinkled with just a little bit more cliché (you know encase there isn’t enough already). Juliette is a monster but she’s the most beautiful thing that walks the earth. There is the sensitive good guy and the bad guy who’s actually a good guy (I know I didn’t see it coming either!). I.just.cant.take.all.this.cliche.

Is this a good review? No not really it’s just me rambling on forever. Now, will I be finishing this trilogy? Yes, but only because I already bought the last book and I may as well see how it ends. Will Ignite Me be better? Who knows, but if you see a review for Ignite Me pop up the answer is no.


You can purchase Unravel Me online with free shipping by clicking here. 


6 thoughts on “Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi – Rant Review

  1. Taiwo B. says:

    I can feel your anger so well!!😂😂😂 I wrote a ranting, angry review of Shatter Me on my blog. I really hated it.
    Here’s a link. Don’t mind the horrible writing. I was just starting then 😄https://stuffedshelvesite.wordpress.com/2017/09/23/review-shatter-me/


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