three dark crowns kendare blake review

Three Dark Crowns – Review


Every generation three queens are born, each with gifts from the goddess. But the crown is not there’s unless they fight. So the elemental, naturalist, and poisoner must fight to the death and take the crown from her dead sisters.

This 2016 novel by Kendare Blake seeps with darkness and intrigue. Any line from the synopsis will have you drawn in before you know it. So much so that I’m disappointed that it took me this long to read it. But with the second book only months away it seemed the perfect time to slip into this dark tale. To say that I devoured this book would be an understatement, and so would be saying I enjoyed it. This book did not meet my expectations in most ways and yet I found myself captivated by every page.

When you read the synopsis you get this feeling of darkness, action, and war. The darkness part is correct but the action and war? Only a little. Did a lot happen in this book? Yes, and no. The action side of this story definitely took on a more political stance. If you go into this book expecting three sisters killing each other, that’s not what you’re going to get. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be disappointed, I know I wasn’t. While a lot happened a war did not, but I feel the build up was tremendous. And that’s really what most of this book was, a build up, a dark, slightly disturbing, and glorious build up.

Every second of this book was covered in this dark essence. It practically seeped from the pages and it’s this kind of darkness that you don’t get from a lot of YA’s. And I think that’s what made this book so mesmerizing. Each character, each goal, each world, and power was dark and brutal. While we still have much to learn about this world, what we did see was fascinating. The basic concept is so simple but it extends into something a lot more original and dark with every page.

It was interesting seeing the three sisters learn, and discuss each other as they were separated. While at the same time we learned about each of them. Each sister’s personality got more in depth with each chapter and it feels like your watching them grow in front of your eyes. Each sister experiences, love, power, struggle and the closeness of death. Who do you want to die? Who do you want to live? Who will win? You’ll never really know.

With a whole book filled with learning, it feels like we know nothing at all. But in the best possible way. This series is going somewhere but I have no idea where. It feels as if the possibilities are endless. But I can see big things on the horizon. I honestly have no clue what’s going to happen, not a single prediction, but I know that I’m ready and excited to dive back in for book two.


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