Mystic City – Review


Global warming has finally struck and those who are rich live high in the city while the magical mystics struggle to keep their powers. Aria Rose’s fiancé swears that their marriage will unite the separated city. But while everyone claims that she loves him, she can’t seem to remember why.

I spent a week reading Mystic City by Theo Lawrence, I got 140 pages in and finally decided to give up. So this review isn’t a full review due to the fact that I don’t know how the book ends. So please keep in mind that this is a review based on those first 140 pages and not the rest.

I find the world in Mystic City interesting. Mostly it’s an interpretation of what our world could look like in the future. Seeing the effects that global warming would likely have on us and how our society would adapt was fascinating. And with all that realism we still got some magic thrown in there. I personally found that the world building was one of the best parts of this book although I would have liked to see more of the mystics. I wasn’t really sure how their magic worked as it wasn’t really explained in the first part of the book, I’m also not sure how they drain their powers. But I’m assuming that some of that would be shown later on.

I found Aria mostly plain, I didn’t really get her as the main character. She had no spark, nothing that really made me like her. Mostly I just found her to be a naïve little rich girl who had never really put much thought into anything. She seemed very surprised by all these ‘discoveries’ that were extremely obvious. I might have enjoyed the book more if she had been given a bit more life.

My biggest let down was the entire story. In under a 140 pages I knew everything that was going to happen. I found it to be cliché, now cliché stories can still be fun and addicting, but this one wasn’t. Everything from the family drama, the love triangle, the world issues, I’ve all read before. And for me, I found that the book just wasn’t interesting enough for me to read these tropes all over again. The writing was fine, but I felt that everything lacked a little life. There was no spark in the words, in the characters, in the love. It came off very plain which left me feeling very detached.

I didn’t get to see much of the love story so I can’t really judge. But as I said before the beginning struck me as very cliche. It was your typical love triangle romance, and unfortunately, that seemed to be it.

Maybe if I had read all 400 pages I would have changed my mind, but I decided not to force it. This is a partial review so keep in mind that there was a lot more to go. You may pick up Mystic City and love it, so if you’re interested, give it ago. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.


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