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A Court of Mist and Fury – Review

So if you haven’t read A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF) yet, then sadly you’re missing out on this marvelous and remarkable story. So if you’re sitting there thinking what even is ACOMAF? Then let me enlighten you, ACOMAF is the second book in the soon to be trilogy by the brilliant Sarah J Mass, who also writes the Throne of Glass series.

The first book, A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) came out last year, which is a loose retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast story. The story is set in a world where Faeries exist and used to enslave humans, but now the human and Fae world is divided by a great wall. The trilogy follows a young huntress named Feyre who is out hunting to feed her family when she comes across a wolf. She kills the wolf but unknown to her it wasn’t just any wolf. A few days later a beast comes barging into her house, demanding her life to replace the one she took, but he doesn’t kill her instead he takes her over the wall and into the Fae lands, where the world is messier than Feyre originally thought.

ACOTAR is filled with romance and action and is a great book but has now been beaten majorly by the second book ACOMAF. ACOMAF is not only double the length but also double the romance, action, and amazingness. From the first few pages, you will be sucked in and find yourself unable to put it down.

Sarah J mass incorporated a lot of character development into this book, which was one thing that made it incredible. We got a look into the characters and some of them we saw a completely different side too. The story starts will Feyre in a dark place after all the events from the previous book. Watching Feyre struggle with herself and her new life and surroundings, was heartbreaking. Sarah created such raw and believable emotion that you hated everyone Feyre hated and broke every time she did. Some characters that we loved before turned ugly as their lives changed. It was frustrating and heartbreaking but Sarah did make up for that with one particular character.

Rhysand or Rhys was the main character we got a new look at. He was the same cocky, brave and sarcastic self but we got to see the real him. If you’re like me and you weren’t sure who you shipped in the first book, then you will be sure after reading ACOMAF. The romance in this book was long and spectacular, the first book not even coming close to the amount of feelings this book created.

There was also a lot of new characters who came along in ACOMAF. All of them as brilliant and entertaining as the main characters. You can connect with these characters immediately and it’s easy to become consumed in their lives and worried about their fates. Overall Sarah has created a set of unique, funny and brilliant characters for you to love and immerse yourself in.

Although the romance was such a key part of this book, the plot still continued to impress. There was never a dull moment in ACOMAF, every chapter leading to the next big thing. It was filled with conflict, drama, and action, keeping you engrossed in the story. There were some epic fight scenes and beautiful moments that made you want to cry. The plot is sophisticated but not overly complicated. So much so that you will get lost in the world and story.

I could go on forever but I don’t want to spoil the books. ACOMAF is now my favourite book of the year and there are a billion reasons why. If you’re not sure about reading these two books, then all I can say is do it. ACOMAF is brilliant and Sarah J mass has outdone herself. The story is written beautifully, is mature and addictive. Read these books and immerse yourself in Feyre and her story and I promise you will feel no regret.


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