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Should You Read The Medoran Chronicles?


In 2015 author Lynette Noni published her debut novel and the first book in her new series, ‘Akarnae’. The Medoran Chronicles currently has three out of five books published and to this day I still struggle to believe that it is Lynette’s debut series. The Medoran Chronicles has been described as a mixture of Harry Potter, X-Men, and Narnia. But whether you believe that or not there is no denying that Lynette has created something magically brilliant.

This series follows Alex Jennings, a teenage girl dreading her first day at her new school. But before she can even start she finds herself walking through a door and landing in the world of Medoran. This land is filled with adventure, a school for the gifted and also danger. The world that Lynette has created is full of possibilities and imagination. She has built complex layers to this world and has created something, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. With each book, this world gets deeper and our eyes are opened to Lynette’s vast imagination.

One of my favourite aspects of this book is the friendships. These books demonstrate some of the strongest friendships I’ve ever read. The relationships that Alex develops with each character is unique and makes you wish that you were a part of their friendship circle. It is rare for a young adult book to focus on friendships rather than romance and it’s a breath of fresh air reading it in Lynette’s books.

If you’re into fantasy worlds, magic, mystery, action, adventure and pure happiness, then The Medoran Chronicles is for you. In my opinion, it’s really just for everyone. The Medoran Chronicles will fill you with that warm happy feeling you get from reading a good book and drinking hot chocolate on a cold day. These books will leave you always wanting more and when you get to Draekora your mind will explode and you will die when its over (I’m still not over it yet). Do yourself a favour and pick up these books so that you can join the rest of us who are impatiently anticipating the next installment.

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