Shivaun Plozza Frankie review

Frankie – Review

‘Frankie’ by Shivaun Plozza is a charming and entertaining story about the young and very angry Frankie. Frankie was abandoned by her mum at the age of four and now lives with her amusing auntie, working at their unexceptional kebab shop. Everything in Frankie’s life is normal, well as normal as her life can be, until she discovers that she has a half-brother. As if that isn’t enough to shake up Frankie’s life, not long after meeting him, he mysteriously goes missing. Frankie brings you on a hilarious, crazy and deeply emotional journey as Frankie searches for her brother and unintentionally discovers a lot more on the way.

We all have that voice in our that we know is bad but desperately want to do what it says anyway. The voice that when angry, encourages us to do the exact opposite of what is right. Frankie has that voice too, but she just chooses simply not to listen. From the moment, the book starts you fall in love with Frankie. Her bitchy and sarcastic sense of humour, her no care attitude and just her, in general, will have you torn between wanting to be her best friend but also being terrified of her at the same time. Frankie’s life has been tough and she’s even tougher. But everyone has their limits. When reading Frankie, you’ll be opened up to Frankie and her entire world. You will not only see her reach her limits but also feel her struggles and emotions. You will see deep inside somebody else’s mind and connect in a way with another person that is not possible in real life. Frankie is a lovable character as much as she is a frustrating one. When reading Frankie’s story you will fall In love and be heartbroken all in just 300 pages.

Frankie is one of those stories that although it’s not real it could be. The people, the city, and the story are genuine, stories like these happen in real life. There are people who live this way, who experience these events and emotions. When reading Frankie it is hard to remember that it is fiction. The characters around Frankie’s life are as comical, broken and tough as her. Her environment is very real for some and her battles are more common than you may believe. With her story, Shivaun has captured a real world experience, with characters who you will forget are just words and places you will be able to clearly envision. Frankie is a mystery, a love story, and a discovery. It is is a roller coaster of humour and adventure which will suddenly douse you in a huge and painful whirlwind of emotions.

When you start to read Frankie it will appear to be a light and simple read. But I assure you it isn’t, it will take you places in your mind you have never been. It will show you a different aspect of people’s lives/worlds you may have never considered. All while making you laugh at the same time. You will go on a journey and discover a person as they also discover themselves. And you will take a peek into someone else’s possible reality. Frankie is not only an enjoyable story that you will engulf, it is something more. Shivaun Plozza has not created a new world but perfectly reflected our own. Pick up Frankie and discover your love for this book and characters. Also, try not to cry at the end.

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